How We Support Our Franchisees at Huntington Learning Center

Starting a small business can seem pretty daunting. Everything about the business is up to the owner: Hiring, the products, sales, marketing… everything. But, when you go the franchising route of business ownership, you have expert support every step of the way and an already established and proven business model, which allows you to skip the stressful startup phase. Here are just a few ways we offer ongoing help to our franchisees at Huntington Learning Center.

  • Training and Coaching. We provide our franchisees with ongoing coaching and development in their franchise journeys; after all, we are in the business of tutoring and teaching! After the initial three weeks of training, franchisees get their own coaches that will be a guide and expert advisor, helping to set goals and grow your business.
  • A Provided Curriculum. We provide our franchisees with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge curriculum to ensure students are getting the best possible tutoring on the market. This is a critical advantage to franchising. Small business owners would typically have to research and purchase this themselves, but everything is provided at Huntington.
  • Technology. We provide all of our franchisees with our proprietary software that allows you to manage your learning center location from anywhere. It tracks inquiries, student hours and progress, billing, payments, schedules, test results, prescriptions and more. Technology is also provided that will help the centers’ teachers originate and manage personalized plans for their students.
  • Marketing Support. We provide all of our franchisees with free access to our in-house marketing team that helps to navigate every aspect of marketing your business. In addition, an SEO-optimized website is provided and other digital marketing advice and support.

We value all of our franchise owners and want to provide as much support as possible. Our support system is designed to offer expert assistance and coaching in running your franchise. By choosing Huntington Learning Center as the franchise to invest in, you will never be alone in any big or small business decisions. Reach out to us today if you are ready to begin the journey towards owning your own business!

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