What is The Huntington Learning Center Franchise Story?

Our founders pioneered the tutoring industry and created a business model that’s more relevant than ever before

In 1977, Eileen and Ray Huntington had a vision. They saw a need for individualized tutoring to help kids who were struggling and falling behind in school, and they wanted to create this tutoring environment in business and retail settings outside of the students’ homes. The idea of opening a business that moved reading and math tutoring away from the dining room table to a private setting was completely new, but they were undeterred in their goal to help students become better learners.

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Working as a tenured junior high and high school teacher at the time, Eileen saw firsthand how many students entering her classrooms lacked the basic skills and study skills they needed to succeed. So, she began a quest to find a solution—one that was not merely a Band-Aid to get the student through the next test; but, rather, a fundamental, long-term solution that addressed the root of these students’ problems. Ray was working as a senior business analyst for a Fortune 100 company and had been a college-level instructor in math and statistics and shared his wife’s vision to help students succeed. He also believed that this was a viable opportunity to start a profitable business.

“When we started, there wasn’t a tutoring industry,” Ray says. “We built this business model based on the fact that too many students were struggling in the educational system. We knew that if we had integrity and compassion, and focused on student success, we would be successful—and it turns out that we were right.”

Eileen and Ray’s solution was Huntington Learning Center tutoring franchise

Sensing an opportunity to fulfill a need for parents who wanted their children to succeed and prioritize their children’s education, the couple opened the first Huntington Learning Center in Oradell, NJ, leaving their jobs shortly thereafter to pursue their new enterprise full time.

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The Huntingtons brought a unique combination of skills to their new business. Eileen’s teaching experience and natural sales aptitude combined with Ray’s deep knowledge of business systems and management processes helped them be successful. Ray provided the business know-how that helped support Eileen in her work as she added certified teaching staff and enrolled students. In 1985, Eileen and Ray decided that it was time to expand their concept nationally and began franchising.

“This started as a family business and it’s still a family business, only now our family is much bigger thanks to our franchise owners,” Eileen says. “It’s been so rewarding to see our franchise owners become successful and change their lives by following our business model. Their success means so much to us and it means so much to the students they get to help every day.”

Highly effective leadership positioned for continued growth

It’s taken a lot of hard work and ingenuity, and a commitment to excellence in education to make Huntington Learning Center the country’s leading national tutoring and test prep provider. Since the first Huntington Learning Center in 1977, the Huntingtons have seen their business grow from one location to approximately 300 centers over 40 states coast to coast.

They’ve also welcomed their daughter to the company’s leadership team: Anne Huntington Sharma. Before joining her parents in the family-owned business, Anne gained valuable professional experience in sales and business development in the arts and fundraising arenas. Once on board with Huntington Learning Center, she began developing key partnerships with outside groups involved with education and franchising.

Today, Anne is Huntington’s President and works with all departments to ensure that the company continues to evolve while staying true to its mission to give every student the best education possible. The company will continue leading the way with a strong team and strong Huntington community.

“It doesn’t matter if your last name is Huntington or Smith, we’re all part of the Huntington Learning Center franchise family,” Anne says. “Our culture is guided by our family values and we never forget our mission, which is to give every student the best education possible. We’ve proven that by staying true to our mission, success will follow. We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the decades and we’re even more excited about the future.”

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