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Huntington Learning Center franchise is ready to help you thrive in a tutoring business with ongoing support

Huntington Learning Center is serious about training and ongoing support. Our brand is constantly investing in improvements in technology, operations, curriculum and overall support to help our franchise owners run profitable businesses that grow over the long term.

Huntington Learning Center franchise support shown to student

Just because we’re the leader in the tutoring segment doesn’t mean that our franchise owners need a background in education. In fact, the majority of our franchise owners have zero experience in education. What they do have is the desire to follow our proven business model and the passion to help children in their communities reach for the stars. We can teach the rest.

What does Huntington Learning Center franchise support and ongoing training look like?

This is what you can expect from us when you become a Huntington Learning Center franchise owner:

Three weeks of training:

You will get a chance to meet with our corporate team, for a three-week training program that covers every aspect of your new business including: marketing, how to get students, how to hire teachers, our curriculum, how to build relationships with local schools, how to set realistic goals, how to grow your business, and much, much more.

We help you find the right location:

Huntington Learning Center has a team dedicated to helping you secure the best possible location for your new business. We also help you navigate the process of lease negotiation and help oversee build-out and construction.

Comprehensive marketing support:

Our franchise owners benefit from an in-house marketing team that will help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. Every franchise owner gets an SEO-optimized website, ongoing digital marketing support and advice on where to effectively utilize any marketing spend.

Ongoing coaching:

You will get your very own coach to help you through the process of getting your business established. Your coach will help you set realistic goals and become adept at speaking with parents, building relationships and growing your business.

Call center:

Our professional call center ensures that you will never miss the opportunity to help a student and grow your business.

Virtual conferencing:

For the franchise owners who do not want to be active in the acquiring students, Huntington Learning Center can do this on the franchisee’s behalf. For an added fee, we provide virtual conferencing to meet parents and explain why choosing Huntington Learning Center is the right fit for their children.

Curriculum is always current:

Education is always evolving, and Huntington Learning Center evolves with it. Our Educational Development Department regularly researches trends in how students learn and what they’re learning to ensure that our franchise owners are relevant, up to date and cutting edge with their curriculums.


We’re always looking for tools to increase our franchisees’ profitability. Our proprietary software gives you the ability to manage your center from anywhere in the world and tracks inquiries, student hours and progress, billing, payments, schedules, test results, prescriptions and more. We also provide technology to help make it easy for your teachers to develop and follow through on personalized plans for their students.

Ongoing training and coaching:

At Huntington Learning Center, there’s always training and coaching help available to ensure you can best serve your students. We have a wealth of online training modules available to you 24/7. We provide regional training every year, making it easy for you to stay up to date. In addition, our coaches will be here to guide you every step of the way.

“Our goal is to help our franchise owners run successful, profitable businesses,” says Marielle Carroll, training manager with Huntington Learning Center. “We provide all of the resources they need to realize their goals and we’re always there to guide them. Our training and support never really stop, and we’re always investing in better ways to deliver that training and support. Our franchise owners know that we have their backs. This is a family business, and it definitely feels that way.”

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