Why Parents Make Great Huntington Learning Center Franchisees

The top-rated education franchise is a great fit for families who want to make an outsized impact on families in their community

With millions of children behind in school due to the events of the global pandemic, there’s also millions of parents who are worried about getting their kids back on track.

According to a poll conducted by the Education Trust, parents are overwhelmingly concerned about just how far their children have fallen behind:

“Nearly 9 in 10 parents are worried about their children falling behind academically due to coronavirus-related school closures, ranking higher than any other financial or socioemotional concern,” the trust reports.

And it’s not just the parents that are worried. The Education Trust reports that “8 in 10 parents say their child(ren) are experiencing heightened stress levels.”

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For millions of families, the answer to this problem will be to enroll their children into high-quality academic support programs that are capable of delivering world class results. This is exactly what Huntington Learning Center excels in delivering, and it’s why many of our franchise owners have record student enrollment as they try to keep up with demand.

“The impact of the pandemic on students is very real,” says Anne Huntington Sharma, President and Board Member of Huntington Learning Center. “There’s a lost generation of students who fell extremely behind, creating a crisis in education. Huntington Learning Center can solve this massive problem. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 45 years; and, it’s why our students’ results are great and why our franchise owners perform so much higher than our competitors.”

A Business for Parents

Aside from offering parents the highest performing program in the academic support franchise category, many of our franchise owners are parents themselves. This means that they have a heightened sense of empathy for their parents’ concerns and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the children who enroll in their centers achieve their goals.

“As a parent in this community, I know the parents that we’re trying to help,” says Stephanie Kennedy, owner of a Huntington Learning Center franchise in Seattle, Washington. “We have so much integrity in what we do – and that really resonates with parents. We’re here to help their children, and they have a lot of confidence in what we do.”

For Jennifer Telford, owner of a Huntington Learning Center in Brentwood, Tennessee, being a parent is extremely effective at marketing to parents and winning new students.

“Being a mom gives me a lot of credibility with other moms when I’m trying to market Huntington Learning Center,” Telford says. “For example, with the pandemic, all of the schools went virtual, and mothers felt that decision most of all – I was right there with them. It makes the business so much more personal, and it allows us to connect to other families on a deep, authentic level.”

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