Father-daughter Duo Excels as Huntington Learning Center Multi-unit Owners 

With close to five decades of experience in helping children meet their academic goals, Huntington Learning Center is the leading in-person and online tutoring center. Their individualized programs are unmatched when it comes to meeting every student’s needs. In parallel, their promising reputation and easy-to-follow business model makes Huntington Learning Center the leading opportunity for family members to also become business partners. This is the reason why family members choose Huntington Learning Center to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals.

Multi-unit owners, and father-daughter duo, Viola and Boris Feld are the prime example of family members partnering together to achieve long-term success with Huntington Learning Center. 

Discovering a Passion for Education

Prior to becoming a franchisee, Viola worked as a Program Manager at Champion Learning Center, where she discovered a passion for helping students recognize their academic potential. After many years with Champion Learning Center, Viola took the next step in her career as the Director for Tomorrow’s Genius, where she expanded their student base and developed curriculum for STEM classes. 

Then in 2016, she stumbled upon Huntington Learning Center at the Bay Ridge center in Brooklyn, NY, where she worked as Center Director for two years. Viola was impressed with the Huntington franchise and soon after became Center Director at the Englewood, NJ location in 2018.  “My operations managers pushed me to be independent and problem-solve.  They had high expectations, and that was a good fit for my own drive to succeed.” Viola said.

While Viola discovered her passion for education, her father, Boris, retired from a 30-year career as a scientist in which he specialized in drug discovery. Upon his retirement in 2012, he worked part-time as a consultant before pursuing business ownership. Originally, Boris was set on opening a business that was specific to his previous career, however, Viola presented him with a different idea. “I saw how excited and passionate Viola was about the Huntington center in the tri-state area and I wanted to support her,” Boris said. 

Boris and Viola teamed up to take over the Englewood location as the new owners in July, 2019. 

From Center Director to Owner

waiting area inside a Huntington Learning Center franchise

Thanks to her role as the existing Center Director at the Englewood location, as well as the support from her operations manager, Viola came with knowledge about the day-to-day operations. She was able to share her knowledge with her father, who did not have any previous tutoring or entrepreneurial experience. 

As co-owners, Boris and Viola have learned to lean into their skill sets and work together as a team. “While I handle the daily operations, my father is more on the business side of things. He has to know every variable before following through on anything,” Viola explained. Their skill sets and work ethics have been so complimentary that they recently purchased a second company center in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in February of this year. 

Focusing on Building Relationships

Since opening their second center at the beginning of the year, Viola and Boris have excelled by continuing marketing strategies, hiring excellent tutors and building strong relationships with students and parents. In an effort to bring new business to their centers, Viola spends time securing local partnerships with schools, creating flyers, advertising Huntington in Facebook groups, etc. “I believe there’s strength in community relationships and that’s why we focus on making connections with students and parents,” said Viola. 

As they continue to advertise their tutoring services, the father-daughter duo also spend a significant amount of time hiring tutors who are committed to enhancing the academic skills of the students. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve had to discover new hiring techniques, and continue to show employees how much they’re valued. “We focus on retention by showing our tutors and administration how valued they are and how much we support them,” Viola said. 

Huntington Learning Center couldn’t be as successful as it is without excellent tutors. Hiring tutors who care about their students and want to see them succeed is always the goal.  “At the end of the day, Huntington Learning Center is supreme for longevity, methodology and research behind the curriculum. That’s why Huntington is a franchise opportunity that tutors love and we couldn’t refuse,” Viola said. 

Huntington Learning Center students

Enhancing Academic Skills with Huntington

Co-owning as family members, Viola and Boris have learned how to effectively communicate with one another, which has led to tremendous success. “Sometimes it’s challenging to own a business with a family member, but it’s nice to always have someone around who will correct me when I’m wrong and to brainstorm ideas to enhance our centers,” Viola said. 

Viola and Boris are always focused on helping students. And as they head into the new school year, they have made sure to offer focused reading and math programs during the summer to prepare students for the upcoming school year. Viola and Boris are utilizing the Huntington franchise opportunity to make a significant impact on students in their communities.

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