Building a Legacy of Learning

Aleta Pallios and Her Journey as a Huntington Learning Center Franchisee

Aleta Pallios, an esteemed Huntington Learning Center franchisee since 1989, stands as a shining example of how franchising can empower entrepreneurs to make a profound difference in people’s lives. With an unwavering dedication to unlocking the full potential of children through personalized education, Aleta’s enduring legacy reflects a commitment to providing every student with the highest quality of education.

From Speech-Language Pathologist to Long-Term Franchisee

Before becoming a Huntington Learning Center franchisee, Aleta worked in administration and management roles, but fostered a passion for education. She recalls, “I was in between jobs and looking at learning center opportunities when I came across Huntington. I liked everything about the franchise opportunity with them, and it felt like the perfect fit for me.”

Since joining Huntington Learning Center, Aleta has profoundly impacted the lives of students and staff alike. With a team dedicated to providing individualized learning experiences, Aleta prioritizes each child’s unique needs, ensuring academic success and personal growth. She reflects on her experience at Huntington Learning Center, “It is as effective now as it was when I joined. The system is amazing, and when you talk to people about it, that’s what parents want for their kids.

Aleta also believes that every day at her Huntington Learning Center is a good day, and she never feels unproductive. Reflecting on her personal experiences, Aleta shares, “I love helping people, I find it extremely rewarding, and I feel accomplished.”

Aleta Pallios

The Huntington Learning Center Example

One of the innovative approaches that sets Huntington Learning Center apart from others is our focus on personalized learning. Aleta and her team create a nurturing and focused environment where students overcome challenges and gain confidence in their abilities. “Approaching each student individually is a luxury we have here. We help them build all of their skills and prioritize their own needs, no matter how unique the child is,” Aleta emphasizes.

Running a business comes with its own challenges, and Aleta has recently encountered one particular struggle—hiring part-time teachers. However, she and her team have found ways to attract quality staff. “We create a working environment that’s appealing to them, which helps retain talented teachers who are committed to our mission,” Aleta says.

When it comes to hiring, Aleta understands that connecting with students on an emotional level is vital to making their learning journeys impactful and effective. She looks for candidates who demonstrate care, concern, and the ability to connect with students. “The kids who walk in the doors here are often struggling, so it’s our responsibility to overcome that,” she says. Aleta seeks staff members that not only inspire children to unlock their potential, but also inspire her with fresh ideas on how to approach teaching and learning.

Aleta’s Commitment to Others

As a leader, Aleta believes in fostering a welcoming environment for her employees to grow and become leaders themselves. While she has recently delegated operational management to her daughter, Aleta likes to spend most of her time engaging with parents and their children. “What I try to do is lead by example, and my staff sees that and keeps me in line too. I respect all of their opinions and appreciate the employees that I have,” she shares.

Aleta’s dedication to providing exceptional service and quality education has made her Huntington Learning Center franchise a pillar of her community. She actively supports customer service and community involvement, sponsoring teams and engaging with local organizations. When asked about her favorite thing about being a Huntington Learning Center franchisee, Aleta beams, “It’s the impact I feel on children and watching my staff grow. Also, the people that I’ve met in the franchising system and have become friends with.”

Through personalized learning, innovative approaches, and a commitment to excellence, Aleta has created an environment where students thrive and teachers are empowered. Her dedication to her students and staff has made her Huntington Learning Center franchise a beacon of success and a driving force for positive change. Aleta’s story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the Huntington Learning Center franchise model and the power of individualized education.

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