Huntington Learning Center Recognized As A Top Franchise Based On Franchisee Satisfaction

The survey of approximately 30,000 franchise owners representing over 300 brands,  measured multiple key areas of franchisee satisfaction, including: training and support, the franchise system, leadership, core values, the franchisee community, the financial opportunity and general satisfaction.

The following are comments from current franchisees reflecting their feelings on these key areas:

I love the coaching available for conferencing. I have been using it continuously since I started conferencing and still gain from it every day. I also appreciate the FBC as a resource on a multitude of questions.

Julia Wright

One of the main reasons I bought a Huntington Learning Center to begin with was because of how impressed I am in their commitment to the system. Now, twelve years later, I am equally committed to it and credit my adherence to the system with much of my success. I frequently speak to potential franchisees and I always tell them that they will not find a better product offering in the tutoring space. Flat out we provide the best education possible. I also tell them that if they ever have a question and can’t reach someone immediately, the answer exists either though the Extranet or in a manual. We run a tight ship. Although our “tried and true” methodology is what has made Huntington successful for 40 years, the company continues to innovate with tools such as an electronic student progress record book, online supplemental support for ACT and SAT prep and the creation of an advanced Study Skills program as well as enhanced ADHD support.

Len Silverman

The programs are excellent and getting better every year.

Carol Sherron

The product is the best in the business. After doing this for 9 years, I wouldn’t change anything about our core approach. Excellent program that stands the test of time.

Julia Wright

Both online and in-person training programs are good, and the support systems are excellent. By each region, we have a ‘go-to’ PERSON (not a machine or computerized tech help) (Franchise Business Consultant) for any questions or support needed. It’s nice to be with company that’s tech savvy in operations, yet everything is done by human interactions.

Erica Hwang

The Training available to new and not so new Franchisees has improved dramatically over the last ten years. With coaching services that can be used to improve sales, management and efficiencies, there is little left that cannot be improved with the franchisors support. Prior experience in the field is not an issue any longer, as in-person, remote, on-line training, webinars and videos are now available for almost any topic.

Michael Cardamone


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