How This Couple Took A Big Step Into The World of Franchising with Huntington Learning Center

Prior to becoming a Huntington Learning Center franchise owner, Brian Telford worked for Sony Electronics in sales, customer service, retail marketing, and supply chain. His wife, Jennifer Telford, worked in marketing for Jack in the Box before the couple relocated from San Diego to Nashville. Upon relocating to Nashville, Brian and Jennifer felt the urge to leave their corporate jobs behind and together become business owners.

Huntington Learning Center Brentwood, TN

Finding The Perfect Business Investment

When the couple decided they were ready to begin their entrepreneurial journey, Brian began the search for the best investment. Brian and Jennifer were unsure of what industry they wanted to own in, however, they both had a love for children. When Brian learned about Huntington Learning Center and heard the Brentwood, TN location was for sale, he immediately knew it was a sign.

Brian and Jennifer closed on the Brentwood location in February 2020 but quickly had to re-navigate their initial plans three weeks later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to other Huntington locations, they were no longer able to offer in-person tutoring sessions which led to the transition to virtual learning.

“The Huntington team did an amazing job putting together a plan to enroll students and keep our center alive by tutoring online,” said Brian.

With the help of the Huntington corporate team, Brian and Jennifer were prepared to begin virtual learning by March 30, 2020, and began enrolling additional students throughout April.

Making A Difference in the Lives of Students

Brian and Jennifer’s passion for helping children learn is translated in the work they continue to do at their Huntington Learning Center franchise. Throughout their time as franchise owners, the couple has been successful in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with teachers in the local community, parents and students. Connecting with teachers and maintaining healthy relationships with parents is always a priority for Brian and Jennifer. Brian and Jennifer understand the importance of gaining the parent’s trust and want parents to feel confident in knowing that they are prioritizing their children’s academic growth.

In an effort to gain the trust of parents, Brian and Jennifer are adamant about hiring the best teachers in their area, who possess the same passion for children’s education

“Our staff and teachers really care about these students and they want to make a difference in their lives and they demonstrate it every day,” said Jennifer.

Brian and Jennifer look forward to continuing to build new relationships and create more connections throughout their community to further the growth of their Huntington Learning Center franchise. In addition, they have built a strong relationship with the local high schools by sponsoring the theater and band departments. They currently sponsor four high schools within a four to five mile radius of their center.

Huntington Learning Center Brentwood, TN

Standing out From The Rest

As franchise owners, Brian and Jennifer are actively involved in operations and prioritize supporting their staff.

“We like to be physically present and by doing so we can listen to the concerns of teachers and fix issues to improve operations,” said Jennifer.  Through their hands-on approach, Brian and Jennifer are dedicated to the growth and development of Huntington Learning Center.

Huntington’s corporate team plays an instrumental role in the success and growth of Brian and Jennifer’s franchise. Huntington’s top-notch business model and ongoing support are what helped Brian and Jennifer to navigate and successfully open a Hungtington Learning Center franchise.

Brian and Jennifer took a big step into the world of franchising with Huntington Learning Center and now they cannot imagine their lives without it.

If you have a passion for education and impacting the lives of students in your community, contact us today to find out how you can take the big step into franchise ownership.

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