A Child Education Franchise is a Great Way to Break into Private-Sector Tutoring

At Huntington Learning Center, we’re proud of the fact that our franchisees come from all walks of life with varied work experiences. We think this says a lot about our company. Our business model is proven, effective, and tailored to work for anyone who follows it. If you’re interested in investing in a child education franchise with us, you don’t need to be an educator or a teacher. We make sure all our franchise partners receive thorough training and support before, during, and after they open their centers, so they’re ready to make a difference in the lives of families right away. If you are an educator, teacher, or an instructor — or anyone with a passion for helping children reach their full potential — then our franchise opportunity might be an especially perfect fit for you.

A Child Education Franchise Meets a Real Need

Like the best teachers out there who strive to have a positive impact on the lives of their students, at Huntington we take what we do seriously at every level. We have over 40 years of experience helping kids succeed at school and in life. Our founders, Eileen and Dr. Ray Huntington, saw a need for individualized tutoring to help kids who were struggling in school and opened their first center in 1977. Since then, we’ve been helping parents and their children feel confident and excited about their future. At Huntington, we know that opening an education franchise in your community allows you to become a valued member of that community. And as more and more parents search for private tutoring opportunities for their children, the need for learning centers grows. That’s why now might be the perfect time for teachers interested in a career in private-sector education to invest in a franchise opportunity with us.

Respecting the Uniqueness of Each Student

Good teachers know it’s not enough to do the same thing over and over again in a classroom and expect to inspire or motivate students. You’ve got to be adaptive, responsive, and flexible to meet the many needs of each child. In the same way, a good children’s education franchise opportunity should be based on a robust business model that allows its franchisees to respond to the unique needs of their students.

Children learn at their own pace, embrace challenges differently, and deserve a tailored approach to tutoring.That’s why we’ve developed a 4-step approach of evaluating, planning, customizing, and communicating that allows our franchisees to meet the individual needs of each student.

We make sure to take the time to assess needs thoroughly, create thoughtful and responsive lesson plans, and communicate results on a regular basis. It’s an approach that sets us apart from all the other education franchise opportunities, and one that parents notice and appreciate immediately.

Don’t wait to enter into the child education franchise business

Are you a teacher or educator interested in owning a child education franchise as a way to break into private-sector education? If so, reach out to us today.

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