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Aziz Kabani’s Entrepreneurial Journey with Huntington Learning Center

A burning desire to make a significant impact on the world motivates many people in the field of entrepreneurship. Aziz Kabani, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in accounting, embodies the spirit of passion and purpose as a Huntington Learning Center franchisee. 

Aziz’s decision to franchise with Huntington Learning Center has allowed him to deliver excellent education to kids, positively impact his community, and embark on a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey.

Picture of Aziz Kabani. There is a quote that says "Huntington has provided me financial freedom and an opportunity to change the lives of our future generation in the most rewarding way"

Following the Entrepreneurial Path 

Aziz’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident from the beginning. By trade, he was an accountant, but he wasted no time on his business journey, as he opened up his own company after he got out of school. Working for himself fueled his desire to franchise because of the flexibility to shape his destiny. 

Aziz was initially drawn to the education field due to his desire to make a substantial difference in the lives of young learners. When Aziz came across Huntington Learning Center during his search, he knew he had found the perfect fit. He inquired about owning one of the Huntington Learning Center franchises in his area, and it was exactly the opportunity and space he was looking for. He recalls, “Huntington really stood out because they offered more individualized instruction and a premium brand name compared to other education options out there.” 

Aziz grew even more interested the more he learned about our brand’s education quality, stating, “It feels like Huntington Learning Center is head and shoulders above everyone else.”

Opening Multiple Locations and Learning Experiences

Aziz entered the world of education entrepreneurship with Huntington Learning Center in 2014 and has opened not just one, but three locations since.

The multi-unit franchise owner credits his dedication and Huntington Learning Center’s franchise team for helping him find the right path for his business. We continuously invest in improving our operations, curriculum, technology, and overall support to help our franchisees run successful businesses that grow over time. 

Aziz has also learned some valuable lessons, such as how to prioritize staffing. He understands the importance of assembling a team that shares his core values and Huntington Learning Center’s mission. 

He explains, “I want to ensure the person is working for the right reason and that their mission aligns with ours. Understanding what motivates each staff member and being able to communicate with them in that language is crucial.”

Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Drawing from his entrepreneurial journey, Aziz offers valuable advice for aspiring business owners. He emphasizes the significance of seeking guidance from others and understanding the level of commitment required for success. 

Aziz tells people starting or viewing the education system that “if you take care of the kids, the business will come. Huntington Learning Center helps you achieve this by putting you on the right path.”

By joining Huntington Learning Center, Aziz has found the perfect avenue to channel his entrepreneurial ambition and make a lasting impact on the lives of his students. 

Are you looking to embark on a fulfilling journey that helps others? Get in touch with us today to discover how you can start your own Huntington Learning Center franchise and make a meaningful difference in the world of education.

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