5 Reasons Why Huntington Is a Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Individuals are always looking for ways to increase their income and, sometimes, they do this by looking for franchise opportunities to invest in. Franchises are known to be popular investments because the investor does not have to worry as much about developing a brand, advertising, and finding customers or clients, as many times the name itself will draw the customers or clientele to the business. There are many franchising opportunities available for investors, some of which can be personally as well as financially rewarding for the individuals involved. If an investor is interested in a child education franchise, they would get to invest in something of lasting significance, by fostering the academic achievements of local children. Investing in a Huntington Learning Franchise is a great opportunity for interested investors.

1. Why Invest in Huntington 

Those interested will probably want to know about initial investments, or start-up costs for this franchise. Huntington Learning Center  is one of the top franchises in the tutoring category with results that rival industry competitors and provide the franchise owner with a compelling and rewarding investment. The wide range of customers who use these tutoring services come for many reasons, such as getting help for their students who are facing academic challenges, test preparation, or for enhancing the learning capabilities of their gifted children.

2. Huntington is an Excellent Business Model 

The potential growth of a Huntington Learning Center franchise, its relatively low startup costs, and flexible operations make it an excellent business model for those who are looking for a worthwhile opportunity. People who invest in the franchise are driven to optimize their business’ results, and are encouraged to work hard to make their franchise grow. Huntington Learning Center has quality standards that will guide each franchisee in the operation of their business.

When looking at a tutoring center franchise, Huntington is among the best in the industry. Our business model is set up where the franchisee will offer learning center services, tutoring in various subjects, and preparations for test-taking. The business model is also set up where the franchisee can go with part-time staffing, especially in the early stages of launch. Another good thing about the business model is that the marketing costs are phased in to reduce operation costs upfront.

3. Huntington Has Great Franchise Training 

One thing that a lot of franchisees worry about when they invest in a franchise is being left alone, with little training or any idea of how to effectively launch the business. This is not the case with Huntington, which offers online training for every aspect of the franchise, giving the franchisee the benefit of experience and established methods.

Franchisees will receive three weeks of initial training, which will include field training and in-the-classroom training. Franchisees will also have 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to online training modules that they can use throughout the life of their franchise. They also get training sessions in person at local and regional training sessions. The franchisor holds an annual franchise convention which will give franchisees an opportunity for more training and for networking opportunities.

4. Huntington’s History with Preparing Students 

Another reason to consider a Huntington Learning Center franchise and its education franchise opportunities is the accomplishments achieved with the preparation of students for testing. For example, students who tested on the ACT had an almost 5.5-point increase in their test scores than students from other places. Students who tested on the SAT were found to have a nearly 230 points increase in their test scores as a result of the training they receive at the franchise. As a result of the superior testing results of these students, the franchise was able to help them qualify for the dream schools that many of them aspired to get into. Another thing to look at where the students are concerned is that they were able to get $187 million in scholarships because of their high test scores, a figure that all parents strive for their children and their higher education.

5. The Accreditation of Huntington 

When it comes to being accepted to good schools of higher learning, one of the things that are looked at is whether or not an institution is accredited. Huntington is a franchise that meets accreditation standards, with the learning center having two educational accreditation acknowledgments from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.. This speaks to the integrity of the institution and its commitment to the students getting a quality learning and training experience while at the franchise. Franchisees will be proud to be investors in a franchise with such recognition in the academic and business communities. These are just a few of the reasons why the franchise is so well-renowned and worth the investment.

Potential investors have the opportunity to research other educational franchises and compare them to see which institutions would give them the best yield for their investments. If they look at Huntington, they will find that the institution has over 42 years of aiding children in being successful in life as well as school. The institution is dedicated to helping those children, especially those who were struggling in school, enabling them to become better students.

Today, there are over 300 centers in 41 states throughout the United States. Investors would have many other franchisees to learn from as they develop their own franchise at their locations. If any potential investors are interested in learning more about this opportunity, they should reach out today to learn more about this exciting franchise.

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