A Commitment To Education Has Led this Franchisee to Success with Huntington Learning Center


Every business owner finds their path to success by pursuing a passion. Rebecca Thannisch became a business owner through a fulfilling and successful career in education. And she pursued her passion for teaching and learning as a high school history teacher for many years. Eventually, Rebecca made the decision to move back to Washington to be closer to family. This decision sparked a new found passion and soon to be life-changing opportunity. 

Rebecca was heavily inspired by her mother to pursue a career in education. As a leading principal in her life, Rebecca has always felt blessed to have her mom’s insight and wisdom in education and leadership. When Rebecca moved back to the Washington area she embarked on a new journey and took a job as a part-time teacher at Huntington Learning Center and has never looked back since. 

“I think the thing that really caught my heart was that in a public school, you’re making a big impact but you’re really teaching to the middle of the stream,” Rebecca explained. “And when I switched to the tutoring side with Huntington, that changed. It really became an individualized conversation of “how do we do the best for each of these kids and not leave anyone behind?” 

Huntington’s commitment to giving every child an individualized learning experience was why she decided to stay and what ultimately led her to become a franchisee. 

Huntington Learning Center Franchise’s Phenomenal Support System

From what she saw during her time as a part-time teacher and owner with Huntington, Rebecca was impressed with the support and leadership opportunities she was given. One thing she loved about the Huntington Learning Center franchise is the strong support for franchisees

“One thing that Huntington does an excellent job of is that they give you a cookie cutter for success. I really feel like if you’re new to this industry and you follow the advice and the leadership that is given, you will end up having a successful business,” she explained. “When you’re first coming in, you have everything laid out to you.” 

Rebecca knew she’d have Huntington’s support to run her business in a way that best suited her strengths and appealed to students. Also, she considered moving back to public schools, but she discovered that being the owner of a Huntington Learning Center could have more benefits. 

Discovering Fulfillment and Success with Huntington Learning Center 

One thing that Rebecca considered when she was evaluating whether or not to stay in the tutoring industry was that Huntington Learning Center allowed her to open up a more rewarding life compared to working in public schools.

“This opportunity allowed me to open up a life that was more desirable for me than going back into the public schools. It was much more rewarding to be involved in the franchise side than to go back to being a teacher in a public school,” she said. “This opportunity really allowed me to feel fulfilled internally, but also allowed me to sustain myself and stay on my own two feet successfully.” 

The passion and fulfillment that Rebecca saw possible in being the owner of a Huntington Learning Center helped her decide to franchise. Rebecca’s experience at her location and the help she got from Huntington Learning Center made the change to becoming an owner smooth and successful. 

Mutual Respect with Her Staff and Customers

Rebecca is also paying closer attention to her staff to make sure they are supported. As a Huntington Learning Center franchisee, she really respects her staff and always takes them into consideration when making decisions or just checking in. 

“I’m trying to be as involved as much as possible to make sure that my team doesn’t feel overworked,” she explained. “It’s just making sure that my team feels the most supported. I’ve been blessed with a really good team.” 

Rebecca’s respect for others also led her to create a welcoming place for families in the community. She is committed to bringing her community high-quality learning and a positive experience through owning a Huntington Learning Center. 

“We always create every opportunity to have a high-quality conversation with our families in the community, even if they tell us no,” Rebecca said. “If they need somebody down the line, we hope our interaction is positive enough that we’re the first place they call.”

Huntington Learning Center’s Standard 

Teachers must be motivating to their students and establish a connection with them. Huntington Learning Center knows this and uses it to help students get the best education possible. Rebecca’s location is committed to this standard and ensures her students get the best. 

“I think our customer service is second to none in our area, and I say that because in our area, we are the largest learning center, and that’s because we take care of our customers,” Rebecca mentioned. “We make sure we are delivering on what we say we’re going to deliver on.”

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