What Inspired this Tennessee Dad to Become a Multi-Unit Huntington Learning Center Franchise Owner

For multi-unit franchisee Len Silverman, an unexpected challenge resulted in an amazing outcome. After going through an abrupt career shift, he was eager to do something more fulfilling.

Len took on various marketing roles for B2B and B2C brands before working his way up to vice president of wholesale marketing at Fruit of the Loom. After a major company layoff in 2003, Len decided to take his career into his own hands.

“I realized I never wanted to get laid off again, and the best way to do that was to work for myself,” Len said.

Mult-unit franchisee Len Silverman

Joining a Mission-Oriented Franchise

When Len started researching his next career move, he was adamant about finding a business aligned with his mission.

“I knew that whether I bought an existing business or a franchise, I wanted to feel like I was making a difference, and I wanted to work with kids,” Len explained. “When I was younger, I’d always work as a camp counselor over the summer, and I loved feeling like I was positively impacting kids’ lives.”

As he searched for opportunities, he found our tutoring franchise and immediately thought it’d be a great fit.

“At the time, I had young kids at home and Huntington Learning Center’s mission aligned with my mission and values,” he explained.

After learning of the heightened demand for tutoring, our impact and results, Len was set on opening a tutoring franchise. His first center in Nashville, Tennessee, opened in 2004.

Len didn’t have previous experience owning a business, and he knew he’d need the extra help to get started. Shortly before opening his first center, he found a business mentor to help him with logistics and get started with franchising.

“They helped guide me with payroll, expenses and customer service,” he added.

Passionate About Making a Difference in the Community

With a passion for helping students and making an impact in his community, Len experienced strong business growth at his Huntington Learning Center. Len immersed himself in his community, forming partnerships with United Way, a local Catholic high school, and several non-profits before becoming chairman of the Hendersonville Chamber in 2012.

Len also formed partnerships with local high schools, which helped him launch the College GPS (Guidance for Parents and Students) fair.

The school district and Len’s Hendersonville Huntington Learning Center hosted the local college fair event where students and their parents could come and learn how to find schools, get information on college, and SAT and ACT prep.

“The school district was great at helping us promote the event and recruit students,” Len said. “We have a heavy focus on forming relationships with the schools, offering sponsorships and hosting events.”

Huntington Learning Center Franchise

Operating Multiple Tutoring Centers

With the support of a staff he can trust and a complete understanding of franchise operations, Len decided to transition from an onsite manager/owner to a remote owner/operator, which he’s been for the last six years. This change has allowed him to expand as a multi-unit owner. His second center in Montgomery, Alabama, opened in 2015, his third center in Charlotte, North Carolina, opened in 2020, and his fourth center in Tampa, Florida, opened in August 2021.

Throughout his tenure he also purchased and sold centers in Ohio and Georgia, and he currently operates centers in Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida.

Len credits his devoted and passionate staff for his centers’ success and growth as a franchisee. He manages 70 employees across all four centers, who cater to about 225 students each year.

“I don’t hire for background or experience. I hire the person,” Len said. “Resumes can be misleading, so I look at an individual’s personality and their ability to learn the skills of the job, and whether or not they’re devoted to helping the students day in and day out.”

Len’s key to success is allowing each of his centers to be “its own center.”

“You can’t micromanage your staff,” he explained.

While the core goal of his centers is the same, they each operate in a way that makes sense for their market.

Even as a remote operator, no single day looks the same for Len. He assists with scouting and screening potential.

employees and high-level marketing initiatives, among other daily tasks.

“I tell my employees that my job is to overcome obstacles and provide them with resources,” he explained.

Huntington Learning Center vehicle

Looking Ahead

As Len’s centers continue to grow, he’s sure to keep his focus on the fact that he’s in the business of kids.

“The students are our clients, and we have to advocate for the students,” Len explained. “We have to advocate for their education and well-being,” he added.

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With the learning losses due to COVID-19 and the increased demand for tutoring and test prep, there’s a tremendous need to help students. Huntington Learning Center helps students get the best education possible, which has been our mission for over 40 years.

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