The Huntington Learning Center Franchise has Resale Opportunities in New Jersey

Huntington Learning Center Is An Exciting Franchise Opportunity With Desirable Territories In New Jersey

Become your own boss and make a difference in your community with the #1 revenue-producing franchise

Huntington Learning Center is refranchising its corporate centers in the New Jersey market. This initiative allows the Huntington organization to focus on the success and profitability of the franchise system. This is a turnkey opportunity for you to own an existing, well-established business with experienced staff and current clientele.

Huntington Learning Center, which has been providing world-class tutoring and test prep for four decades, is now seeking excited and motivated entrepreneurs to further the center’s impact in prime territories throughout New Jersey. A powerful brand that’s proven to be recession proof, Huntington Learning Center is a highly profitable franchise opportunity that provides a meaningful service to the communities we serve.

When you invest in Huntington Learning Center, you’re investing in a franchise that has incredible brand recognition, a tried and true business model, and unmatched training and support. Right now, we are looking for the right entrepreneurs to take over our existing New Jersey locations, which already have an established customer base and built-in trust within the community. That means you don’t have to start a business from scratch; these locations are already generating an incredible amount of revenue!

Is Huntington Learning Center an affordable business opportunity?

Ask any financial insider, and they’ll tell you the greatest barrier to becoming a business owner are the upfront startup costs and initial investments. However, at Huntington Learning Center, we want to give the right franchise candidates every opportunity to realize their dreams of controlling their own destiny through small business ownership. It’s why we’ve kept the costs of investment low and set up a business model that allows you to start generating profits from day one. With franchise locations already in operation throughout New Jersey and generating revenue, stepping into an existing Huntington Learning Center franchise takes some of the upfront pressure off during one of the most tenuous times in business ownership. You can rest assured profits will be coming in from the get-go – not a promise every business opportunity can make!

How has Huntington Learning Center become an industry leader in tutoring and test-prep?

The reason for Huntington Learning Center’s continued success for nearly 50 years is because we help students get the best education possible. And for parents, they know their money is well spent putting their child in the best spot for success with our professional teams. Huntington Learning Center now has more than 300 locations open across the country helping K-12 students reach their full potential through one-on-one tutoring and test preparation services.

In fact, our K-12 students, on average, increase more than 2 grade levels in just 50 hours of tutoring. What’s more, our test prep students receive more than $70,000 in college scholarships. No other tutoring company can boast such fantastic and effective results. And, as a result, when our students succeed, so too do our franchisees.

“We believe strongly that the more profitable our franchise owners are, the bigger the impact they will have on their students and in their communities,” says Eileen Huntington, CEO and Co-Founder of Huntington Learning Center. “This is a powerful brand to be a part of and it’s a recession-resistant business that offers multiple revenue streams and provides a service that’s always in demand. The time to invest in a Huntington Learning Center franchise is now.”

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our franchisees

“One of the great things about Huntington is they provide franchisees with all the tools they need. I’ve never had to reinvent the wheel to find success. Our job is to create an enhanced level of communication between Huntington’s corporate team and franchisees. We’re there to hear what they’re thinking and let them know the thoughts of franchisees.”

Beth Dotson, Owner of Huntington Learning Center in Daphne, AL and Franchise Advisory Council Member

“Huntington is the best tutoring service. When the kids come to us, they never want to leave. So many of our students do not fit into the middle of the bell curve but have special challenges and often special abilities. Our tutoring thus cannot be a one size fit all approach but must be individually tailored to each child’s particular circumstance.  I think that this is absolutely one of the strengths of the Huntington system.”

-Greg Kulander, Owner of 5 Huntington Learning Center Locations

“Our staff and teachers really care about these students, and they want to make a difference in their lives and they demonstrate it every day. We like to be physically present and by doing so we can listen to the concerns of teachers and fix issues to improve operations,”

-Jennifer Telford, who runs a Huntington Learning Center location in Brentwood, Tennessee with her husband, Brian.

We’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs to lead the way in prime markets throughout New Jersey

Available locations in these cities:

  • Middletown, NJ
  • Brick, NJ

Huntington Learning Center New Jersey Available Territories


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